These unique and exciting workshops are designed to teach you how to photograph the city in the pre-dawn and early morning hours, a time when opportunities for great photographs are plentiful.

Photographer and leader of the workshops Anthony Epes says “Do you ask yourself why almost all the photos you see today look like anyone could have taken it?  With so many cool cameras and technologies today, why does every picture look the same? It’s simple – auto-modes and a lack of confidence to shoot on manual. My aim is to give you that confidence.

“I am a firm believer that auto-modes stifle learning and creativity in photography:  when using a camera on auto you are letting a computer make creative choices for you, which it can’t.  So, stop being fearful and take control of your photography!”

We will inspire you with fantastic city views and teach you over the course of two mornings how to confidently and creatively shoot on manual. The course will focus on the ability to observe the world around you with a heightened awareness and insight. This ability is known as “seeing” in the photographic world, and it is what separates a good photographer from a great photographer.

Designed for beginner and intermediate photographers, a basic understanding of how your camera operates is recommended.

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If you cannot see that incredible image
you cannot capture it