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  1. Yves Gagné
    September 7, 2018 @ 12:28 pm

    Last year we traveled to Ireland. It was so rainy and cloudy that it was difficult to find a positive way of seeing things. The day we were at Moher’s cliffs was has rainy has I ever seen. So mutch gray and green, but what I discoverd, is how much I like to have clouds in my photograph, It really it helps to enhance the sky.
    When i look back at 2015, and our trip to the western Parks of Utah and Arizona, it’s a total different story.
    The color of the rock, the reddish mountains versus the blue sky. I was starting photography but when I look at my photographs, I find them more appealing than the ones taken last year. So I guess your’e right about how color can change our mood.
    Have a nice week.


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