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2017 April Venice Workshops
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Join renowned photographer Anthony Epes for a trip to one of the world’s great cities, and find out how the magic of dawn can transform your photography

Dawn is the sun’s greatest gift to photographers. The hours around sunrise provide a rich palette of shifting colours and contrast which enrich any picture. In Venice, dawn is when the harbour is at its most dramatic, the Grand Canal is at its most serene, and the view from St Mark’s Campanile is at its most breathtaking.

This spectacular masterclass offers photographers of any level a unique opportunity to discover how dawn can transform your images – and your style. Through a series of workshops with renowned photographer Anthony Epes, you’ll learn new skills while creating a personal portfolio to be proud of. You’ll also get to know the soul of the city, documenting a side of it even many of the locals don’t see, as you watch Venice wake up and put its face on, performing the morning rituals of getting a world class city up and running, all coloured by nature’s great light show.


Photographer Anthony, creator of the acclaimed Cities at Dawn photobook series will teach you how to use dawn’s unique properties to create beautiful, emotive images. You’ll then put all your new-found knowledge into practice during a series of inspiring, informative and breathtaking dawn workshops. You’ll immerse yourself in the tranquility of the ‘blue hour’, and the slow-burn fireworks of the ‘golden hour’, learning to use the dramatic light, shade and colouring as the atmospheric palette gradually warms up. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to look at the world with new eyes, record the details, relationships and stories that other people miss, and tell elegant, vibrant stories with your images – using one of the world’s great cities as your muse.


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Course description

This four-day course will transform the way you look at potential subjects, as well as your approach to composition and lighting, and grasp of technical camera skills. This masterclass is intensely practical, including three dawn workshops. You’ll immerse yourself in the matutinal life of the city, shooting almost entirely out on the streets, and receive feedback from renowned photographer Anthony Epes. The content of the course will be tailored to the experience and interests of individual members of the group, ensuring every attendee receives a personalised experience and develops as a photographer. The core of the course is as follows:

  • Shooting on manual, and how creative exposures make the difference between a good shot and a great shot
  • The art of creative compositions, and how they can make your photography stand out from the crowd
  • The challenges of shooting in the changing light from dawn to dusk, and how to handle them
  • Group image review – receive tailored feedback on your images and get ideas for your future development, with personal advice from Anthony Epes
  • Spend time with a group of like-minded photographers, discussing photography, getting feedback and working together to improve your skills
  • Immerse yourself in this beautiful city and find ways to capture your own vision
  • A delicious complimentary welcome lunch from Anthony’s favourite restaurant in the city (he’s a foodie as well!)


Course requirements

This course is suitable for photographers at almost any level of experience. However, it is recommended that you have at least some experience of using manual settings (although this is not essential). All attendees will be required to bring a camera with a manual setting and a sturdy tripod. A laptop to process your images is also recommended, but not essential.

Workshop details

Dates: 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th April 2017

  • Day 1 – Introduction: to workshop & first photo walk 12-6pm 
  • Day 2/3 – Two dawn photo walks: Meeting an hour before dawn, photo walk approx 5-6 hours + image review
  • Day 2/3 –Optional afternoon/early evening photo walks
  • Day 4 – Early morning photo walk + Image review We will end our workshop with an in depth group image review. A really fun part of the workshop where we get to see and feedback on everyone’s images.
  • Each evening we will meet for dinner & drinks to discuss our images and photography (optional, cost of dinner/drinks are not included in the price, but we will go to a good value local spot)

Workshop capacity: 6

Workshop fee: £897. Your ticket does not include accommodation or travel to the city.  See our terms and conditions before booking.

Venice statue

Accommodation: Oceano Mare is a good value, friendly B&B in the Costello district. If you would like info about reserving a room with our group booking rate here contact Diana on 

We have several other recommendations for local apartments  ( is a particularly good source of apartments) or hotels if this doesn’t suit your needs or budget. Please contact Diana for assistance on / 020 7928 4178.

Flights:  Skyscanner has excellent selection of flights from all of the airlines flying into Venice. Venice Marco Polo airport is the closest to the Island. There are a variety of ways to get onto the Island – see here for options

 Get in touch: If you have any questions / thoughts / queries please do give us a call or drop us an email. Ring Diana on 020- 7928 4128 or


 About the tutor Read more about photographer Anthony Epes here.



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