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One of the most common subjects that people tell me they want to photograph is strangers. But the reason why people don’t do it, or don’t do it very well – is because there is often too much fear (and sometimes even terror.)

I get it – street photography can be totally nerve wracking. Taking a photo of a person is a very intimate act, and that’s why so many people avoid it, rush it or don’t end up with the photos they really wanted.


Once you get over that fear, the next step is just as big – how to create compelling portraits or street photos. Ones that are not just like everyone else’s! But that are unique and interesting in all the ways that these crazy amazing people are who are wandering the streets and catch our eye.

If you want to know:

  • How can I overcome my fear of photographing people on the street?
  • How can I create street photos that stand out, not just another snap shot?
  • How can I capture those unique moments of life – that decisive moment in the human comedy of life – out there on the street?

Then this workshop is for you.

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After my love of photographing empty cities at dawn, photographing strangers has to be my other favourite subject. I love it because people are fascinating and spontaneous. People’s emotion and expressions can turn a boring composition into a super compelling shot. Plus it’s just massively fun.  

This workshop is for you if you are either just getting started in photographing strangers and life on the street – or you have mastered some skills but are still looking for the techniques that will make your photos really stand out in the sea of street photography.

In this one day workshop I will take you through the essentials skills for

  • Conquering your fear of shooting strangers
  • How to approach strangers and how to shoot them anonymously
  • Getting awesome, striking and unique shots
  • Composing street portraits – from subject choice to strong backgrounds
  • How to capture moments of life on the street

street photography workshop


  • 11am – meet at my office in Waterloo for a presentation on the essential skills of street portraits and street photography.
  • 12-5pm – We take to the streets! I’ll do demonstrations, set you challenges and critique you on the move.


What camera shall I bring?

This workshop will focus on building your skills in composition and the technique of photographing strangers. Any camera is fine, we won’t be covering any technical skills on this workshop.

Questions – queries – thoughts?

Just Diana an email. Or give us a ring on 020-7928 4178.


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