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 Do you want a regular source of learning, motivation and feedback to accelerate your photography to the next level?

Join The Light Monkeys Photo Collective – a one-year learning program and group membership, of passionate amateur photographers, led by Anthony Epes. 




One year membership to Online Light Monkeys will include:

  1. Monthly live online presentation – I will be doing a monthly live online video presentation on essential skills and techniques that will help you improve as a photographer. The aim of these is to both educate and inspire you to stay engaged with your photography. They will be live so you can ask questions at the end of the session – and they will be recorded too available for you to watch and listen for ever. 
  2. Expand your ideas into different genres of photography by getting out of your “comfort zone”. Let the group motivate you to new horizons.
  3. Get feedback on your work from Anthony and the group – an essential part of improving in photography is feedback, so it is a great forum to see people develop, and both provide and receive feedback from your peers over the year. Post your photos in our private group for regular feedback and critiques – as often as you’d like. 
  4. Monthly challenges – Two challenges per month- I’ll issue a challenge so you can ‘bed in’ what you’ve learnt as well as to inject lots of fun into your photography.
  5. Personal projects – you will also be encouraged to choose one or several photo projects to work on throughout the year to help develop your photography. I’ll be on hand to advice and assist you on this. 
  6. Facebook online private group –  Upload photos and albums, get critiques of your photos, share your work and get lots of feedback, talk photography and share tips, make friends! You will get to know people quickly and it will a be a great opportunity to engage with lots of other passionate people like yourself.


Have regular time in your month where you can learn, get critique on your work and be challenged!

Who is this for?

This is for any one who is passionate about photography, regardless of their skills and abilities. From lifetimes of experience to absolute beginners. We’ve got people who use smartphones, DSLRs and medium format.  What does the camera matter when you’re having fun and creating great images!

We share experiences, knowledge, ideas and inspiration. It’s a super friendly engaged group and the thing that unites everyone is a love of photography and creativity.The membership is designed to be flexible.

There will be regular activity in the group, but you can dip in and out according to your schedule. 


The Itinerary:

Live online presentation every month:

Held on the first Sunday of every month at 6pm GMT for 90 minutes.

Anthony will be covering subjects such as:

  • Positioning – the best way to get the best shots is to know the best angle. Detailed advice on how to spot the best position for every shot 
  • Shooting on manual: tips and tricks on how to stick with it and not get intimidated by full control
  • Lightroom tips – basic and advanced skills, where I work on your images live!
  • Advanced composition skills – these are techniques I’ve learnt in my 20+ years of commercial and fine art photography. Pro-tips
  • The emotion of colour
  • Subject fixation (and how to avoid it)
  • Live critiquing webinars:  Not just to get feedback from me, but also to hear from other people in the group
  • How to make gorgeous prints using Lightroom

All sessions will be recorded and sent to the group for you to watch again at your leisure. After each presentation you can ask questions and get feedback from me about your images. 

These sessions run on the first Sunday of each month.

Monthly challenges

Twice a month I will issue a fresh challenge for your to participate in. It will usually be themed around that previous months presentation, but we’ll see how the group develops and I might issue a couple – depending on what everyone needs to be working on.

Setting photo challenges are a great way to inject some fun into your photography as well and ‘bed in’ what you’ve been learning. I always say the best way to really learn something is to do it. 



 About Anthony Epes

Anthony Epes is a fine art photographer who has exhibited internationally and whose work has been featured in BBC World, CNN Photo, French Photo, Hyper Allergic, Time Out, Huffington Post, Atlas Obscura, BBC London, The Telegraph and many other publications. He has published four photo books, including London at Dawn and Paris at Dawn, and is currently preparing to launch further installments shot in Venice, Havana and Istanbul.
Anthony grew up in California and has been based in London since 2000.

My Venice at Dawn:

Example critiquing webinar:

Example Lightroom session:


Membership for twelve months is £237.

Questions, thoughts, ideas? 

Just drop us an email or give us a call or 020 7928 4178.


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