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Workshop overview:

Dawn is the sun’s greatest gift to photographers. The hours around sunrise provide a rich palette of shifting colours and contrast which enrich any picture. In London, dawn is when the city is at its most vibrant, as the dawn breaks over Tower Bridge and the sun illuminates the ancient streets, beautiful squares and ever-changing architecture of the city. Starting an hour before sunrise over these two mornings you will get an intensive on-location introduction on how to shoot London at dawn and in the early morning.

This spectacular masterclasses offer photographers of any level a unique opportunity to discover how dawn can transform your images – and your style. With two dawn workshops with renowned photographer Anthony Epes, you’ll learn new skills while creating a personal portfolio to be proud. You’ll also get to know the soul of a city, documenting a side of it even many of the locals don’t see as you watch London wake up and put its face on, performing the morning rituals of getting a world class city up and running, all coloured by nature’s great light show.

Photographer Anthony, creator of the acclaimed Cities at Dawn photobook series will teach you how to use dawn’s unique properties to create beautiful, emotive images. You’ll then put all your new-found knowledge into practice during a series of inspiring, informative and breathtaking dawn workshops. You’ll immerse yourself in the tranquility of the ‘blue hour’, and the slow-burn fireworks of the ‘golden hour’, learning to use the dramatic light, shade and colouring as the atmospheric palette gradually warms up. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to look at the world with new eyes, record the details, relationships and stories that other people miss, and tell elegant, vibrant stories with your images – using one of the world’s great cities as your muse.

Each walk ends up at a morning market, where the rush of colour and vibrant street life provides great contrast and interesting opportunities to capture the street life of London.

These workshops are for  London at Dawn weekend workshops will run in 2017 on (one or two more weekend dates to be added later in the year). All workshop participants receive a signed copy of Anthony’s book London at Dawn. 

Gift vouchers: If you would like a gift voucher for any of our workshops please contact Diana 020-7928 4178 or Gift vouchers are valid for one year, but can be rolled over to the next year if required.

Anthony will cover:

  •          Shooting on manual and why creative exposures can make the difference between a good shot and a great shot.
  •          Get the low down on creative compositions and how it can make your photography stand out from the crowd.
  •          Meet the challenge of shooting in the changing light of dawn.
  •          Spend time with a group of like-minded photographers – discussing photography, getting feedback and working together to improve your skills.
  •          Visit the best spots in the city to shoot London.
  •          Immerse yourself in early morning light of this beautiful city whilst Anthony will helps you capture your own vision of London.
  •          See our Photography Guide for more info.

from Anthony

“I love teaching workshops and sharing my passion, skills and creativity. Photography has taught me so much about how to appreciate this amazing world that we live in – and I love to share it with people who have as much passion for photography as I do.” 



Saturday route: Westminster Bridge to London Bridge

Our walk starts on Westminster Bridge in the shadows of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. From there we journey on the south side of the Thames to the London Eye and the Southbank and on to Shakespeare’s Globe out to our final destination, Borough Market near London Bridge.  There will be many photographs to be taken on this beautiful route.

Sunday route: Tower of London To Columbia Road Flower Market

This is a route that start at the Tower of London –  just west of Tower Bridge, as we await sunrise and experience something very rare in the City of London – peace and solitude. We will then wander through the deserted ancient streets of the City, before heading up Brick Lane, stopping off at the famous 24-hr beigel shop for much needed sustenance. We end the workshop in a riot of noise, colour and wonderful smells as at one of London’s most exciting and vibrant markets in Columbia Road Flower Market.

Feedback from workshop clients, including links to their reviews they have left:

“I had a really good time doing a private tuition day with Anthony and can thoroughly recommend it to anyone else who might be considering. What impressed me most about Anthony’s work was that while it is in a way easy to take a fantastic photo when you have a great scene before you, Anthony manages to make amazing photos out of the most ordinary places around London, and when I compared his offering to the other Photography Workshops that are advertised, his photos are clearly a step above the competition. “ Tom

“His teaching is easy to understand, laid back and humorous. Anyone can do this and be a better photographer as a result.” Harmen

“Anthony also inspired me to look at photographic composition in a different way (manipulating angles, exploring reflections, managing too many subjects in the same frame)” Veda

“I learnt a lot on the course, particularly around seeing images in everyday things, composition, and how to recognise and use interesting light to improve my photos. I think that before I did the course I was in some ways in a bit of a photo rut, for instance settling for aperture priority and auto white balance; this course got me out of that and gave me some new inspiration.” Steve

“Anthony is a great instructor, who puts you at ease, offers good, understandable advice and is good company. I had done a photography course before, yet in the space of a couple of hours he made me understand some basics which i had missed in a very logical way.” Tripadvisor review

“It rekindled my photographic interest having slobbed out with my mobile phone camera for too long.” Wild Auk

“Anthony is a talented photographer who is also a very good teacher. He is excellent at giving you feedback on your composition and tips on using your photo gear. “ Danilo

Read more reviews on our Cities at Dawn Tripadvisor page. 

About Anthony

I have been a professional photographer for twenty years. I have judged several photography competitions, shot for hundreds of commercial clients, published several photo books and exhibited widely – most recently my project on the Homeless World Cup at the East End Film Festival and Mother London and my projects London and Paris at Dawn at St Pancras International.  I am currently working on my books Istanbul at Dawn and Venice at Dawn, to be published in 2016/7.

My work has been featured on BBC World, Hyper Allergic, Photo Magazine, BBC London, The Economist, The Guardian,  Atlas Obscura,  BBC Turkey.

Nick Curtis from Evening Standard said about my book London at Dawn “Here, he brings a painter’s eye to the waking city: his glittering pictures of the Thames and London’s canals and of the medieval/modern hodgepodge of the city are striking.”

This year I partnered with Guardian Masterclasses to run a series of Photo workshops around the world.  I love taking passionate amateur photographs on adventures to amazing places like Istanbul, Venice and London – often at dawn!  My workshops have been featured in Conde Naste Traveller Magazine, Independent on Sunday, The Telegraph, Londonist, Time Out magazine and several other publications and websites.

I also write about photography with my wife Diana Bird, including on our blog, for The Guardian, Huffington Post and Digital Photography School.


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