London at Dawn: September 16-17th 2017


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2017 London September Workshops


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Workshop overview:

Starting an hour before sunrise over two mornings learn how to create your own photographic vision of London at Dawn.    

 Our workshops are led by photographer Anthony Epes. and are inspired by Anthony’s series of books on Cities at Dawn, see the BBC report on Anthony’s project here

 “Photographing cities at dawn is a photographers paradise. The light is at its most beautiful  and the streets are empty – we have the city to ourselves! Dawn and early morning provide plentiful opportunities to create stunning and unique images and I am always amazed at how few people take advantage of this time. Everyone shoot sunsets – why not capture something unique!

 In my workshops I teach how to photograph the dawn light – from the ‘blue hour’ when the sky turns from black, to deep blue and then starts to break open with sunlight. We will photograph the iconic views of London as well as discovering hidden spots and interesting characters. It’s great fun too!”

 Who is this workshop for?

All photographers who are passionate about improving their photography will have a unique experience on our workshops. You’ll receive a pre-workshop questionnaire so Anthony can tailor the teaching to suit the needs and desires of the group. Whether you are looking to take the first leap into shooting on manual, want to learn more advanced techniques, want feedback on your work or you simply want to experience London at this time Anthony will ensure you have a fantastic time.

Anthony will cover:

  •          Shooting on manual and why creative exposures can make the difference between a good shot and a great shot.
  •          Get the low down on creative compositions and how it can make your photography stand out from the crowd.
  •          Meet the challenge of shooting in the changing light of dawn.
  •          Spend time with a group of like-minded photographers – discussing photography, getting feedback and working together to improve your skills.
  •          Visit the best spots in the city to shoot London.
  •          Immerse yourself in early morning light of this beautiful city whilst Anthony will helps you capture your own vision of London.
  •          See our Photography Guide for more info.

from Anthony

“I love teaching workshops and sharing my passion, skills and creativity. Photography has taught me so much about how to appreciate this amazing world that we live in – and I love to share it with people who have as much passion for photography as I do.” 

Saturday route: Westminster Bridge to London Bridge

Meeting time: 0530

Meeting place: Westminster Bridge (centre)

Our walk starts on Westminster Bridge in the shadows of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. From there we journey on the south side of the Thames to the London Eye and the Southbank and on to Shakespeare’s Globe out to our final destination, Borough Market near London Bridge.  There will be many photographs to be taken on this beautiful route.

Ending time: 10.30/11.00 approx.


Sunday route: Tower of London To Columbia Road Flower Market

Meeting time: 0530

Meeting place: Tower of London

This is a route that start at the Tower of London –  just west of Tower Bridge, as we await sunrise and experience something very rare in the City of London – peace and solitude. We will then wander through the deserted ancient streets of the City, before heading up Brick Lane, stopping off at the famous 24-hr beigel shop for much needed sustenance. We end the workshop in a riot of noise, colour and wonderful smells as at one of London’s most exciting and vibrant markets in Columbia Road Flower Market.

Ending time: 10.30/11.oo approx.

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