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The Light Monkeys Photo Collective is a group of passionate amateur photographers who have attended one of my workshops and want a regular source of motivation and inspiration.You don’t have to come to every event or do every part of the program. This is a flexible program that you can dip in and out of, but there is enough going on so that that you will be consistently inspired and motivated to keep your photography happening on a regular basis.

I am going to take the best of the 2016 plus I am excited to be adding some exciting extras.


Membership to Light Monkeys 2017 will include:

  1. Monthly live online  presentation – I will be doing a monthly live online video presentation on some of the essential ways I can help you improve as a photographer. The aim of these is to both educate and inspire you to stay engaged with your photography. They will be live so you can ask questions at the end of the session – and they will be recorded too available for you to watch and listen for ever. 
  2. Dawn/early morning photo walks – Three dawn walks exploring London in a totally unique way
  3. Monthly evening meet ups – every month we will meet up for an evening photo walk or an informal post-processing/portfolio session at Anthony’s studio in Waterloo. 
  4. One to one session with Anthony – each member will be able to book a one-hour session where you received personalised feedback on your photos, ask technical questions/advice or discuss any of your photo requirements or needs.
  5. One COMPLIMENTARY space on any of Anthony’s weekend London workshop.
  6. Plus – the opportunity to join any of Anthony’s London workshops that has last minute availability!
  7. Personal projects – you will also be encouraged to choose one or several photo projects to work on throughout the year to help develop your photography
  8. Online private community – upload photos, join the monthly photo challenge set by a different member every month, share you work and get feedback, talk photography and share tips, make friends!

Full details and dates below 


Who is this for?

This is for any one who is passionate about photography, regardless of their skills and abilities. We’ve got people who have just graduated from camera phones to a DSLR and people who have years of experiences. We share experiences, knowledge, ideas and inspiration. It’s a friendly group and the thing that unites everyone is a love of photography.

The membership is designed to be flexible.

You don’t have to come to every meeting, the idea is that every month there is always a few things happening so that if your time allows you have something to get involved in. And now with the online presentation aspect you have so much more available to you.

Key benefits of Light Monkeys are:

  • Meet excellent, interesting people who love photography as much as you do
  • Expand your ideas into different genres of photography by seeing and sharing work
  • Get feedback on your work from Anthony and the group – an essential part of improving your photography is feedback so it would be a great forum to see people develop, and both provide and receive feedback from your peers over the year


The Itinerary:

1) Live online presentation – monthly

Held on the first Sunday of every month at 6pm GMT – starting Jan 1st for 1 hour.

I’ll be covering things like:

  • Positioning
  • Shooting on manual: my tips and tricks
  • Lightroom tips – basic and advanced skills, where I work on your images live!
  • Advanced composition skills
  • Advanced/Basic rules of composition
  • The emotion of colour
  • Subject fixation (and how to avoid it)
  • Live critiquing webinars:  Not just to get feedback from me, but also to hear from other people in the group

All sessions will be recorded and sent to the group for you to watch again at your leisure. After each presentation you can ask questions and get feedback from me about your images. 

(The first Sunday of each month falls on these dates: Jan 1st, Feb 5th, March 5th, April 2nd, May 7th, June 4th, July 2nd, Aug 6th, Sep 3rd, Oct 1st, Nov 5th, Dec 3rd)

2) Evening meet ups and walks:

I’ll be doing some short demonstrations to our walks on camera skills. Plus always remember you can come up and ask me for help at any point during the walks. These aren’t going to be pure-teaching like on my other workshops, but I’m adding in some extra teaching to the whole program. 

I’ll also be issuing some challenges during these – including getting street portraits. If you want to develop your photography, this will help!

They will be on Tuesdays on these dates. 

  • Feb 28th – Studio: Photo projects + Introduction
    March 28th – Studio: Lightroom – this session will be about your questions on Lightroom as there are so many levels in this group. So I will want your questions in advance so I can design an evening that covers what
    April 18th – Evening walk
    May 23rd – Evening walk
    June 6th– Evening walk
    June 20th– Studio: Image review session
    July 18th– Evening walk
    August 8th– Evening walk
    Sep 19th– Evening walk
    Oct 24th– Studio Session: Introduction to Photoshop  
    Nov 14th– Studio: Image review session
    Dec 5th – Studio: Xmas party + Exhibition 

3) Dawn Walks 

These walks will take place in interesting location around London.

  • Sat April 22nd
  • Sat July 1st
  • Sat 23rd Sep

4) One to one sessions

You are all entitled to a 1 hour one-to-one session with Anthony. Contact to book

If you would like an evening during the week after work, or a day time during the week please contact Diana – these are very easy to arrange and Anthony is very flexible.

5) Complimentary place on any of my weekend London workshops:

I am now offering you all the chance to join one of my London workshops as part of the membership. They are all listed here. Contact to reserve your spot.

6) Last minute spaces:

And I will also give you the chance to join any of my London workshops if they aren’t fully booked. I can never tell which will sell out and which won’t so sometimes I’ll have a few spaces and so then you be welcome to join them. This is in addition to the space I am offering as part of your membership and will be advertised a week or two before the workshop date.



Pay annually and get two months free

The annual price is £497 – closing just before our first meeting. 

Direct debit

If you want to pay by direct debit, just email Diana ( That will be £49.70 p.c.m (for 12 months) when booked after.

I am super excited about Light Monkeys 2017. This will be the fourth year of the group and I every year it’s getting better and better! 2017 will be ***amazing***

Questions, thoughts, ideas? Just drop us an email or give us a call or 020 7928 4178.

Please note The Light Monkeys was created as an additional benefit for our customers who wanted to undertake further learning with Anthony – therefore membership is only open to previous participants of the Cities at Dawn workshops.

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