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Join photographer Anthony Epes for a trip to one of the world’s great cities

Workshop fee £1,997. Secure your place today with a deposit of £797.  (See below for full details, and our terms and conditions)

This spectacular seven-day workshop offers photographers the chance to learn creative and technical skills that will transform your images. Through a series of workshops with renowned photographer Anthony Epes, you’ll learn new skills while creating a personal portfolio to be proud of. 

City at Sunrise

City at Sunrise

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”– Helen Keller

It’s an exhilarating experience going through your photos after a trip. It’s great editing and processing, sharing and printing them. But really my favourite part of it, though, is reliving the experience of taking the photos. I love remembering where I was, what I was feeling, as I was taking each image.

And there are still so many places I still want to experience in my life (wow that sounds pretty maudlin when I’m still obviously so young!)

I want to smell the air of somewhere new, to feel a different angle of the sun on my skin, to see how people live over there, to hear the noises of a different world, the colours of a different city, to be completely immersed in the unknown (nothing like the exhilaration of not knowing).

Ever since I read that swashbuckling, macho book Tai-pan, by James Clavell (he also wrote Shogun!), about European traders in 1840’s Hong Kong, I’ve had the city on my mind. Obviously it’s changed a bit since then (lol!), but I’ve been drawn ever since to that feeling of history and possibility that the city represents. I love to go where people have left layer upon layer of history, waiting to be discovered.

“… a fine way to capture a piece of the magic of a unique city. The drama, the charm and the beauty of Hong Kong is all here – just as is its breathless energy.” – Nury Vittachi

Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR -November 08, 2014: Busy street market at Fa Yuen Street at Mong Kok area of Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Photography for me is making yourself open and available to every human experience. Being there, bearing witness. Standing and having the discipline to pay attention, because yes, it does take discipline, and we don’t cultivate that kind of patience in modern life. We’re so used to instant gratification and so used to skating on the surface of life that we don’t dive deep into things.

One particular thing I want to do is to create spectacular memories, moments that have broken out of the sea of the day-to-day sameness that is so often life. Experiences have burned themselves into memory with such intensity that you can feel the texture of the moments, the feeling of the light, the sensations in your body as you moved around this new place.

So maybe we can’t recreate the child-like fantasy of other-world adventure as in Tai-pan, but we can plant ourselves in situations and places – and be completely wide open to see and to feel something brand new. So that when we return home there is something a little different within us, a new dimension to our soul.

I want to create *spectacular* memories and experiences for everyone around me too. I’m really excited that we are now launching this new workshop in Hong Kong.

You will finish this trip with your mind and body rejuvenated in the way that you are only after you’ve been intensely creative. You will spend time with passionate photographers like yourself, photograph the unique world of Hong Kong all under the warm rays of the tropical sunshine, explore local life and meet a huge variety of interesting people.

The effects of this trip will ripple over your life for weeks and months to come.

Tourist tram at the Peak, Hong Kong

Tram at the Peak, Hong Kong

Highlights of Hong Kong

  • Mountains, epic city skylines and view of sunrise across the sea 
  • Amazing architecture – big shiny buildings, old Chinese temples, intense streets markets
  • Surrounded by lush tropical nature
  • Beautiful seas
  • Layers of amazing history, culture and people
  • Intense colour and light of the sub-tropical climate, mixed with the brash loud lights of high commerce
  • Walks and talks with local photographer
  • Small workshop – 8 people maximum 

Hong Kong, China city skyline from Victoria Harbor.

Hong Kong, China city skyline from Victoria Harbor.

Get in touch: If you have any questions / thoughts / queries please do give us a call or drop us an email. Ring Diana on 020- 7928 4128 or diana@anthonyepes.com

Course description

This seven-day course will transform the way you look at potential subjects, as well as your approach to composition and lighting, and grasp of technical camera skills. This masterclass is intensely practical, including three dawn workshops. You’ll immerse yourself in the dawn life of the city, shooting almost entirely out on the streets, and receive feedback from renowned photographer Anthony Epes.

The content of the course will be tailored to the experience and interests of individual members of the group, ensuring every attendee receives a personalised experience and develops as a photographer. The core of the course is as follows:

  • Shooting on manual, and how creative exposures make the difference between a good shot and a great shot
  • The art of creative compositions, and how they can make your photography stand out from the crowd
  • The challenges of shooting in the changing light from dawn to dusk, and how to handle them
  • Group image review – receive tailored feedback on your images and get ideas for your future development, with personal advice from Anthony Epes
  • Spend time with a group of like-minded photographers, discussing photography, getting feedback and working together to improve your skills
  • Immerse yourself in this beautiful city and find ways to capture your own vision
  • A delicious complimentary welcome lunch from Anthony’s favourite restaurant in the city (he’s a foodie as well!)

Course requirements

As this is a small group, this course is suitable for photographers at almost any level of experience. Anthony will tailor the workshop to suit each participant. All attendees will be required to bring a camera with a manual setting and a sturdy tripod. A laptop to process your images is also recommended, but not essential.

Hong Kong harbour

Hong Kong harbour

Workshop will include:

Before the workshop: Anthony will invite you fill in a questionnaire detailing your experience, skills, interests and photo requirements so he can get a good sense of how he can help you.  You are also welcome to submit some photos so he can get a sense of how he can most help you. 

  • Introduction: to all of the key camera concepts and techniques you’ll need. 
  • Dawn walks – We will do three or four walk at dawn (depending on the energy of the group), capturing the magic of the city and it’s epic views, before the rush of people invade it’s streets.
  • Afternoon/early evening walks – like sunrise, dusk and sunset is a beautiful time to photograph. The rich colours, shadows and evocative light that falls over a busy, bustling city will make a great contrast to our early morning photos
  • We’ll also have some walks with a local photographer who will show us their favourite off the beaten track spots to shoot (as well as Anthony’s own)
  • Plenty of opportunities for 1-2-1 guidance and support, group exercises and demonstrations
  • Group image review – one of the highlights of the course where we show our images and get feedback from Anthony and the group.
  • Most evenings we will have for dinner & drinks to discuss our images and photography (optional, cost of dinner/drinks are not included in the price, but we will go to a good value local spot)

Workshop capacity: 8

Accommodation: We recommend you stay in the Central area of Hong Kong.  A list of recommended hotels and airbnb apartments will be sent on booking.

Workshop fee:  £1,997. To secure your place please pay a deposit of £797, with the balance is due by August 1st 2017. (Deposits are non-refundable, see our terms and conditions for full details)

  • The workshop fee includes a delicious welcome lunch and a brunch on the final day of the workshop.
  • Your ticket does not include accommodation or travel to the city.
  • Please read our terms and conditions before booking.

Get in touch: If you have any questions / thoughts / queries please do give us a call or drop us an email. Ring Diana on 020- 7928 4128 or diana@anthonyepes.com.


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