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  • I had a really good time doing a private tuition day with Anthony and can thoroughly recommend it to anyone else who might be considering. What impressed me most about Anthony’s work was that while it is in a way easy to take a fantastic photo when you have a great scene before you, Anthony manages to make amazing photos out of the most ordinary places around London, and when I compared his offering to the other Photography Workshops that are advertised, his photos are clearly a step above the competition. 

  • His teaching is easy to understand, laid back and humorous. Anyone can do this and be a better photographer as a result.

  • After Paris and Venice, London was my third workshop with Anthony. Extremely helpful to learn with him how to master your camera and the light. Anthony is not only an excellent professional who give good advice and tips, but also a great guy. To follow him around cities at dawn and shooting a lot of pictures is an unforgetable experience. Worth the trip!”

  • Anthony also inspired me to look at photographic composition in a different way (manipulating angles, exploring reflections, managing too many subjects in the same frame)

  • I learnt a lot on the course, particularly around seeing images in everyday things, composition, and how to recognise and use interesting light to improve my photos. I think that before I did the course I was in some ways in a bit of a photo rut, for instance settling for aperture priority and auto white balance; this course got me out of that and gave me some new inspiration.

    Steve T
  • Anthony is a talented photographer who is also a very good teacher. He is excellent at giving you feedback on your composition and tips on using your photo gear.


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