I often think of that rare fulfilling joy, when I am in the presence of some wonderful alignment of events. Where the light, the colour, the shapes and the balance all interlock so beautifully that I feel truly overwhelmed by the wonder of it.

Charlie Waite





“We are often taught to look for the beauty in all things, so in finding it, the layman asks the philosopher while the philosopher asks the photographer.” –  Criss Jami


As Picasso said ‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.’




“The question is not what you look at but what you see.” – Henry David Thoreau

“I am not interested in shooting new things – I am interested to see things new.” – Ernst Haas

My ‘work’ is about seeing not about ideas – Elliott Erwitt



“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.”

– Ansel Adams


Lately I’ve been struck with how I really love what you can’t see in a photograph.

– Diane Arbus

 It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart and head.

– Henri Cartier-Bresson


The limitations of photography are in yourself, for what we see is only what we are.

– Ernst Haas

Passion is in all great searches and is necessary to all creative endeavours.

– W. Eugene Smith

“I tend to think of the act of photographing, generally speaking, as an adventure.

My favourite thing is to go where I’ve never been.”

 Diane Arbus

Photography was a licence to go whenever I wanted and to do what I wanted to do.

– Diane Arbus


Available light is any damn light that is available!

 W. Eugene Smith

What uses having a great depth of field, if there is not an adequate depth of feeling?

 W. Eugene Smith

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”

 Henri Cartier-Bresson

Photography is not cute cats, nor nudes, motherhood or arrangements of manufactured products.

Under no circumstances it is anything ever anywhere near a beach.

– Walker Evans

Photography : so many attempts – so few masterpieces.

– James Elliott

The world is going to pieces and people like Adams and Weston are photographing rocks!

 Henri Cartier-Bresson – during the 1930’s


I want to be remembered much more for a total vision than for a few perfect single picture.

– Ernst Haas

After following the crowd for a while, I’d then go 180 degrees in the exact opposite direction. It always worked for me, but then again, I’m very lucky.

– Elliott Erwitt

The most important lens you have is your legs.

– Ernst Haas


The camera doesn’t make a bit of difference. All of them can record what you are seeing. But, you have to SEE. – Ernst Haas

The moment you take the leap of understanding to realize you are not photographing a subject but are photographing light is when you have control over the medium.

Daryl Benson


Good photography is not about ‘Zone Printing’ or any other Ansel Adams nonsense. It’s just about seeing. You either see, or you don’t see. The rest is academic. Photography is simply a function of noticing things. Nothing more.

 Elliott Erwitt

Photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth which can make them come back again.

 Henri Cartier-Bresson


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