“We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.” Ralph Hattersley


My name is Anthony Epes and I’m a photographer. Thank you for visiting my site.


Anthony Epes


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Here I dig deep into the creative aspects of photography (and occasionally the technical). Taking photographs is one of the most enriching and adventurous experiences you can have. It can help you live in a deeper, richer way – connecting you more closely to this beautiful and wild world we live in.  That’s what I love to explore and write about.


Fog Over the Golden Horn - Istanbul

“Seeing – really seeing – has nothing to do with photography. And it rewards you with pleasure…. You can feast your eyes on a daily basis, although I suspect the average man on the street goes through life with narrowed vision, not seeing the whole scope of what’s going on around him.” Don McCullin


My advice is culled from my years fifteen years being an award-winning photographer, photo book publisher and running sell-out photo workshops. I work with great people like the Guardian, I’ve been interviewed by BBC multiple times, my projects have been covered on CNN, French Photo Magazine and a host of other awesome places like

I have tonnes of inspiring and fun articles and tips that will help you:

  • Learn to see like an artist

  • Create photographs that move people

  • Create stunning compositions

  • Ignite your inspiration

  • Help you out of that photo rut

  • Kick you in the butt when you lose motivation

  • Show you how other creative mediums can inspire your photos (writers, philosophers, painters have also got some pretty good tips on creativity :))

“This is a great document Diane and Anthony; a compelling read and really inspiring. I think Plato said Awe is the start of philosophy. So you have followed in the footsteps of the greats and applied it to photography. I’m really fired up!” Simon



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 “Hi Anthony, Stumbled (Fate?) across your website and downloaded your thoughts in the Manifesto.Your words made great sense – especially how we stick to the simple things in making (not taking) photos but that we must get out of our comfort zone. Also we must always have our camera ready! You are right – we take millions of photos daily with our eyes before picking up the camera! I have been making photos since the age of 12 (now in my 60’s!)and I can’t imagine a day without images. Continue spreading the Word! THANK YOU.”  Peter


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“Inspirational – sometimes one gets so hung up on the technical side of photography that one forgets that is all about what the picture – and what you see – so thank you both for a really well done ebook and blog.”


Istanbul at Dawn April 2015


Get started reading my blog here. Some of my favourite posts are:

“Dear Anthony and Diane. What an inspiring and soul warming Manifesto. So apt for our busy times we are living in. I had put away my camera 2 years ago because of my own pressure to achieve great pictures. With all the technology that’s to hand now I often feel over saturated with images, and don’t think that my photos are any good. So I do believe one has to take time and sit and wonder at all the beauty around us. It’s like a kind of life meditation on the go. My camera is now out, and I will start anew. Many thanks for your thoughtful words and advise.” Jackie


You can see the photos I take on my website anthonyepes.com – which you should definitely visit – don’t take photographer’s advice about your photos unless you think they are awesome at what they do. My series of photo books on Cities at Dawn is featured here.

You can even see me talking about photography! Here is an interview I did with BBC World. My work has also been featured in a bunch ton of other press (CNN, Atlas Obscura, Hyperallergenic, Economist, Telegraph, Guardian etc.).

And I run a small number of photo workshops in my favourite places on earth. Have a look here.

If you have any photo related questions or just want to say Hi, I’d love to hear from you! info@anthonyepes.com.

Happy photographing,



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