Cities at Dawn is run by photographer Anthony Epes and his wife Diana Bird. Anthony and Diana have spent the last two years travelling to some of the world’s most beautiful cities (with their kids in toe) always seeking the beauty, peace and mesmerising qualities of dawn.

Anthony Epes is a photographer from California who has been based in London since being commissioned for his first book London at Dawn. The book was a collaboration with John Bird, founder of The Big Issue, who had come up with the idea whilst sleeping rough in the streets of London in the 60’s. Anthony’s second book of the series Paris at Dawn was published in October 2013, along with an updated version of London at Dawn. Anthony is currently shooting other cities at dawn including Venice, Istanbul and Havana.

Anthony has been a judge on The Environmental Photographer of the Year Awards and the Photo Editor on the Big Issue in the USA. His recent projects include the aforementioned Arboreal Dreams, The Belly Project and Deserts and Forests shot in his native California. Anthony’s work has been featured in French Photo magazine, BBC, The Guardian, Evening Standard, Amateur Photographer, Digital Photographer, The Big Issue, The Telegraph, Time Out and many other international and national publications.

Anthony has exhibited widely in the UK as well as in the US and Japan and has a growing number of private collectors of his work.  He shoots many of his fine art projects on film and has developed his own colour process that gives a unique quality to some of his projects.

In 2012 Anthony launched his workshops taking amateur photographers and intrepid city dwellers through the dawn and early morning streets and teaching them how to photograph London, Paris and Venice at this magical time. The Telegraph recently recommended the workshops, other press has included BBC London Robert Elms show, Independent on Sunday, Digital Photographer, Time Out, Photography Blog, see Press for more details. Anthony has also run special workshops and talks for the Guardian Masterclass series, Southbank Centre and Create London festival.

Photographing cities at dawn is a photographers paradise. The light is incredible and the city is virtually empty.  There are plentiful opportunities to create stunning images and I am always amazed at how few people take advantage of this time. In my workshops I teach how to photograph the dawn light – from the ‘blue hour’ when the sky turns from black, to deep blue and then starts to break open with sunlight. We will photograph the iconic views of each city as well as discovering hidden spots and interesting characters.

I love teaching workshops and sharing my passion, skills and creativity. Photography has taught me so much about how to appreciate this amazing world that we live in – and I love to share it with people who have as much passion for photography as I do.

diana_birdPrevious to running a photo business with her husband serial entrepreneur Diana created the successful loyalty card for local shops Wedge Card, Europe’s most popular creative writing website and the acclaimed event catering company Lady Bird’s Kitchen. Read about Diana’s new adventures on her blog www.dianabird.c0m