Two essential things you need to be a great photographer


This week a short post to say that Diana and I have got something super incredible to give you (and it’s totally free….gratis, nada pesos). We’ve been working on this for the past six months. I’m now going to drop the English facade of mild self deprecation that I’ve had to develop over the past fifteen years of living in London and get back to my Californian self to say – this by far the best thing we’ve ever written about photography. I will be stunned, stunned I tell you, if it doesn’t blow your mind with inspiration and propel your understanding of photography onto a whole new level. There, I said it.

It is the distillation of all of my teachings about photography – it is no less than:

The two essential things you need to be a great photographer.

Simple. But not easy.

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I strongly encourage you to take 30 minutes out of your day today to read it, even if it’s on the train or during your lunch break or in the park in the sunshine on your phone.

It will create fire within you and you will want to race outside with your camera on finishing this, I promise.

I would LOVE to know what you think. Diana and I have poured huge amounts of passion, writing, ideas and discussion into this – because we want help as many people as we can propel themselves ever forward on this beautiful creative journey that we are all on.

We would love to know what you think, please comment here.

As ever,

Happy photographing!




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... and receive my free 14 day ecourse on how to become a more creative photographer. Packed with simple & powerful ideas to transform your photography.

We will not spam you or share your info.


18 Comments on "Two essential things you need to be a great photographer"

  1. Simon Roth says:

    This is a great document Diane and Anthony; a compelling read and really inspiring. I think Plato said Awe is the start of philosophy. So you have followed in the footsteps of the greats and applied it to photography. I’m really fired up!

  2. Sarah Cartwright says:

    Great manifesto! I agree it is possible to improve one’s visual literacy with practice + feedback. Creativity builds over time, too. For me photography has been both solo and social, therapeutic and fun. And increasingly absorbing.
    Thanks for articulating the process!

  3. Sandra Dodd says:

    I’m loving your iBook. Thanks!
    There is a typo on “the essence of childhood enchantment.”
    It has “enchament” and that’s a shame.

    I don’t know how difficult it would be to repair that.

  4. Jackie Saednejad says:

    Dear Anthony and Diane. What an inspiring and soul warming Manifesto. So apt for our busy times we are living in. I had put away my camera 2 years ago because of my own pressure to achieve great pictures. With all the technology that’s to hand now I often feel over saturated with images, and don’t think that my photos are any good. So I do believe one has to take time and sit and wonder at all the beauty around us. It’s like a kind of life meditation on the go. My camera is now out, and I will start anew.
    Many thanks for your thoughtful words and advise.

  5. Fiona Moore says:

    Inspirational – sometimes one gets so hung up on the technical side of photography that one forgets that is all about what the picture – and what you see – so thank you both for a really well done ebook and blog

  6. Ibis says:

    I know that photography is about “seeing”. But – why can’t I see? Thank you for reminding me that it takes commitment and living.

  7. Anthony Epes says:

    One tip I give everyone to help them See, which is my favourite – slow down and enjoy your time and it will come.

  8. Peter says:

    Hi Anthony
    Stumbled (Fate?) across your website and downloaded your thoughts in the Manifesto.Your words made great sense – especially how we stick to the simple things in making (not taking) photos but that we must get out of our comfort zone. Also we must always have our camera ready! You are right – we take millions of photos daily with our eyes before picking up the camera! I have been making photos since the age of 12 (now in my 60’s!)and I can’t imagine a day without images. Continue spreading the Word! THANK YOU.
    Peter (London UK)

  9. Anthony Epes says:

    Hi Peter,
    Thank you for your kind words. I am really pleased it’s been helpful and interesting for you. Photography has given me so much in my life, I couldn’t image my life without it – so it’s been awesome to share my feelings and thoughts about it (and for people to actually read them!) Thanks for taking the time to comment, it really means a lot to know people are connecting with what we are doing 🙂 All the best, Anthony

  10. richard warren says:

    You say you would love to hear what was the one idea that struck me as the most inspiring. That’s the easiest question I’ve been asked in ages. Your statement that “Everyone has something that they are fascinated by. For me it is light.” I have always tried to achieve my results with natural light, wherever possible – accepting of course that this includes lights that are already in the scene, such as shop windows and street lights in night scenes. And skimming through some of your photos when I stumbled into this site, I can see you have been chasing the study of light, to perfection! You are achieving above & beyond your years, if we’re not supposed to become photo geniuses before our old age!

  11. Roger says:

    Hi Anthony – your e-book is inspiring me to start a photographic journey. I’ve shot video for personal and business for the last seven years and doing that has helped me actually notice life around me! I see the similarities. Excited to take the leap and really see more of life in a different way – Thank You!

  12. Anthony Epes says:

    Hi Roger

    Glad to be of service! We are very proud of that ebook. It is probably of most relevant writing we have done so far. Looking differently is what it is all about. Good luck with it all!

    And thank you for your comment!

  13. ron says:

    Just got done ‘speed’ reading the manifesto: THANKS, IT’S VERY INSPIRING. The first gob to stick, that you mentioned twice but didn’t elaborate on directly, is ‘seeing’ a photograph without a camera which is my essential skill that I’ve never seen mentioned before. Thanks, again, to the both of you!

  14. Mike Rooke says:

    Dear Anthony and Diane – my own favourite saying is “When the pupil is ready, the teacher appears.” Well, I reckon I’m ready.

    The point I’m at is summed up by one of your quotes. “….. walk slower, much slower. It is to walk without purpose. It is to stand for hours in front of a scene that moves us, waiting for the light to change. It is to be OK with idling, hoping to capture something magical but not worrying if we don’t.”

    I still suffer from severe impatience, but I’m getting there.

    Many thanks to you both – I have signed up and I will be back, often.

  15. Anthony Epes says:

    Thanks Mike! I’m originally from California so I guess walking slow came naturally to me. Here in London though I feel like the tortoise in the race…still win though!

  16. Anthony Epes says:

    Thank you Ron for your comment. Manifesting that shot in your mind can make a huge difference to your results. Keep it up!

  17. Anthony Epes says:

    We have lots of great content coming up this year for you!

  18. Paul Ernzen says:

    Anthony, this has been very inspiring to me. I just finished reading it through for the second time. I wanted to take it all in. I hope that I can learn to follow your advice and slow down and really see the life around me.

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