"We create photographs to understand what our lives mean to us."

Creating beautiful photographs is one of the most enriching and exciting experiences we can have.

And yet so many of us get stuck – frustrated with our efforts. 

After teaching hundreds of people, I have noticed that many are missing the two most essential skills in photography. 

These two skills are ones that I teach in my sell-out photography workshops all over the world and I have now included in my free eBook. 

My free eBook will show you how two simple techniques will transform how you choose your images to create unique and compelling photos.

I will also send you weekly in-depth articles that give you simple and powerful ideas to inspire your photography

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Featured in:

“This is a great document Diane and Anthony; a compelling read and really inspiring. I think Plato said Awe is the start of philosophy. So you have followed in the footsteps of the greats and applied it to photography. I’m really fired up!

 Simon Roth

“Great manifesto! I agree it is possible to improve one’s visual literacy with practice + feedback. Creativity builds over time, too. For me photography has been both solo and social, therapeutic and fun. And increasingly absorbing.Thanks for articulating the process!” 

Sarah Cartwright  

“Inspirational – sometimes one gets so hung up on the technical side of photography that one forgets that is all about what the picture – and what you see – so thank you both for a really well done ebook and blog” 

Fiona Moore

"Hi Anthony – your e-book is inspiring me to start a photographic journey. I’ve shot video for personal and business for the last seven years and doing that has helped me actually notice life around me! I see the similarities. Excited to take the leap and really see more of life in a different way – Thank You!”


Lessons in my 92 page free Ebook: 

Simple but powerful lessons

In-depth explanations of these two techniques – so not only will you understand them but you can implement them straight away 

Stuck in a rut?

If you are stuck in a rut with your photograph – you will find plentiful inspirational and motivational advice that will ignite your excitement and ideas for your photography 


If you’re new to photography – this will accelerate your photographic learning

Professional advice

This is exactly the advice I wish I’d had learnt at the beginning of my career 

For all photography genres

These are techniques that you can use anywhere, with any type of photography 

Plentiful advice

I also feature advice gleaned from other artists, writers and philosophers that I have studied to become an award-winning photographer 

Be inspired

We love taking photos, we love being creative - this eBook will give you easy ways to stay on the creative path 

Essential Tools

You will finish this Ebook with the essential tools that professional photographers use every day to capture their very best images

"Photography is an extraordinarily creative outlet – it has taught me how to truly see and experience the world; to not just pass through, busy and distracted, on my way to somewhere else, but to learn to pause and notice the beauty of light in our everyday surroundings. That is why I love to teach photography – to help others have this incredible, creatively aware experience." AE