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  • "Thanks Anthony for all your help, support and critique that has spurred me on even better photos." 

  • "Anthony is a gifted, generous and kind teacher. He explains technical aspects of photography clearly, but I most appreciated his emphasis on the art of taking photos." 

  • “His teaching is easy to understand, laid back and humorous. Anyone can do this and be a better photographer as a result.” 

  • “[Anthony] rekindled my photographic interest having slobbed out with my mobile phone camera for too long.” 

    Wild Auk
  • "Inspirational – sometimes one gets so hung up on the technical side of photography that one forgets that is all about what the picture – and what you see – so thank you both for a really well done ebook and blog." 

  • "Although being a professional photographer for many many years, Anthony has still the fire and curiosity of somebody detecting the fascination of photography the very first time. " 

  • "You can tell immediately that he really loves to share his work, his technique, the insights he’s gained over his career and his energy is quite contagious." 

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