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Here are the boring photos I took before I got the shot

Posted: November 27, 2016 by Anthony Epes   -   No Comments

The boring photos I took before I got the shot

Hello folks, I’ve again been a bit absent from the blogging. My new book, East London at Dawn, is at the designer as we speak, getting its last finishing touches and in a couple of days will hit the press. It’s all go and all super exciting. So now I

This is the main barrier to improving your photography

Posted: November 6, 2016 by Anthony Epes   -   No Comments

This is the main barrier to improving your photography

You haven’t heard from me for a while and I’m sorry about that. I’ve been mulching in a creative bubble. I have a super cool project; a new hotel has commissioned me to put together a limited edition book of East London at Dawn. As a photographer this is the

How you live your life is how you take photos

Posted: by Anthony Epes   -   No Comments

How you live your life is how you take photos 01

I look at many people’s photographs and I’ve noticed that how people take photos is in direct correlation to how they live their day to day lives. This may not sound like a startlingly profound fact but, put simply: your personality can create the biggest barrier to achieving interesting and

Your photos – critiqued

Posted: September 8, 2016 by Anthony Epes   -   No Comments

Online photo workshop anthony epes interactive 04

This is an exciting new style of post for me. Last week I asked you to submit your photos for me to critique – and wow thanks for all your submissions. I am sorry I can’t include everyone. I hope you though will get some good tips from this, and

Interviews and inspiration from my favourite photographers

Posted: September 2, 2016 by Anthony Epes   -   No Comments

In this article I want to bring you a collection of interviews from some of my favourite photographers – along with quotes and ideas of theirs that have really impacted me. Each of them has a different philosophy and approach to photography, they all have different visions for what photography

Free online photo feedback session with me this Sunday

Posted: August 11, 2016 by Anthony Epes   -   No Comments


Good day to you all, I hope life is good for you and you are doing some cool things with your photography. I’m doing well, enjoying this good summer in London and getting ready for a working trip to the south of France next week. Lots of fun. A very

Why I take photos

Posted: August 8, 2016 by Anthony Epes   -   No Comments

Private portfolio reviews

When I think about why I take photos, and what it does for me, this is what I come up with. It’s about not living on the surface, skating over the rich and beautiful experiences that life has to offer. It’s about diving in and connecting with the mesmerising qualities

Photographing Colour

Posted: July 28, 2016 by Anthony Epes   -   No Comments

Photographing colour Georgia O'Keeffe

Unsurprisingly my mind snaps awake very early. This morning I think it was about 5am. I slipped out of bed and sat by the window that faces my garden drinking dark, strong coffee. Outside in our garden there is an abundance of green leaves – dark waxy green leaves from a huge bush

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    “I went on Anthony’s London at Dawn workshop in August 2014, and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is thinking of signing up. I had owned a DSLR for a couple of years and had a decent working knowledge of my camera and how to use it before the course. But I learnt a lot on the course, particularly around seeing images in everyday things, composition, and how to recognise and use interesting light to improve my photos. I think that before I did the course I was in some ways in a bit of a photo rut, for instance settling for aperture priority and auto white balance; this course got me out of that and gave me some new inspiration. It was also really good fun! And although I had a reasonable working knowledge of my camera and experience using it before the course, this is be no means necessary – the groups are small, so Anthony has time to work with everyone individually at different points over the weekend, offering tips to suit individual needs. There is also plenty of opportunity to ask questions, and I had a couple of interesting discussions which got me thinking in new ways. So all in all, highly recommended.”
    Steve T
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